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How about we make your business savvy and teach your how do less and earn more.

When you create a business blueprint plan, gain the right all in one tools and strategies, you in return, build an Empire! It's all in your control. You spend less time working because you have the proper systems ALONG with later delegating when the time is right.

You just need the opportunity to make chic & smart business moves that can change your finance story forever.

Who do I serve?

I assist solopreneurs & entrepreneurs and small business owners who desire to remove overworking, burnout, misdirection and missing systems to replacing this with streamlining their business and/or regaining control over the amount of time (Which is $$$ money) they put into their business.

My clients hold Work & Life balance as a high priority.

I assist them with the tools and resources to create Business Work & Life balance with strategic systems from lead generation to client onboarding systems.

Did you know, you save money when you are retaining clients and when hiring employees at the right time verse doing so too early?

I support all businesses (Product base or service-base provider) who desire to gain more time freedom by implementing the proper business systems/processes. If you are looking to know the key steps to take for setting up a successful long-term sustainable business, we can assist!

In addition - We master in "Digital Marketing" assisting you with mastering marketing!

What do we do?

We assist solopreneurs & entrepreneurs reaching their business goals:

  • A clear focus and plan for business: Create your business and digital marketing blueprint.

  • Lead Generation & Nurturing System (for prospects)

  • Follow up System with digital marketing via Social Media

  • Promotion System with digital marketing via Social Media

  • Sales System with digital marketing via Social Media

  • Client Onboarding System with digital marketing via Social Media

  • Client Experience System with digital marketing via Social Media

  • Client Nurturing System with digital marketing via Social Media

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How to Find a Profitable Niche for Your Business

November 12, 20223 min read

"You are never alone in your entrepreneur journey, there is always help just speak in your own voice and let the right Business Coach answer you. - Kristina Johnson

There's an old saying that there's nothing new under the sun and, unfortunately, this is true. Many new businesses search endlessly for that one profitable niche that nobody has found yet, and this is time wasted. You need to find a profitable niche, but you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Here's how you find a good niche that will bring you success in business. 

An Evergreen Niche

The best niches are "evergreen." This means that it's not something that's just popular now, but something that people will be into years from now. You'll do a great deal of work setting up your business. If the trends change and your audience leaves you, you'll have done all of that work for nothing. So, Let's get busy discovering your truly Niche. Grab your tea or favorite beverage and get down to business!

8 Reasons

With that said, here is why you have to start now rather than later! 👊

High Demand

Choose a niche that has high demand. This means that there's a great deal of engagement. People online are actively talking about it and searching for solutions. For example, if you see social media groups talking about this topic, this is a sign that you have a good niche. You can also use these groups to learn about your market and to promote your product or service.

People Are Paying Money for It

Look for products in the niche that are already selling. There are some niches that are popular with a great deal of engagement, but no one is buying anything. For a niche to be profitable, people need to be purchasing products or services. One way to assess this is to look at products in the niche on Amazon or affiliate networks.

Problems and Solutions

The best products and services are those that solve problems. Look for niches where people are discussing their problems and looking for solutions. Most of the time, people want ways to save time, money, or stress in their daily lives or businesses. When you find problems you can solve, you can step in and offer your answer. If you do this right, you're virtually assured sales.


Competition is actually a good thing when you're looking for a profitable niche. It tells you that there's money in it. If there are other companies selling products here, it means people are paying. The key is to do something unique in the niche that sets you apart from the competition.

Prior Knowledge Helps

It's helpful if you know something about the niche already. It'll save you time. However, this isn't totally necessary. As you immerse yourself in the topic, you'll learn about it and become an expert in no time. But if you're something of an expert already, this cuts corners.

The Money vs. Passion Balance

Although you want to choose a niche that you're passionate about, you need to make sure it's profitable. So, there's a balance that must be struck between passion and profitability. Try to find something you love that also has money in it.

Do you want to learn more about starting a business successfully? If you want to get started now turning your vision into reality, check out my course here. It leads you step-by-step through the process of starting and launching your business.

Remember, I have you covered. With the system to create it all or the course and or program to guide you through this full process.

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Learn how to start, grow and expend your business!

Kristina Johnson

Learn how to start, grow and expend your business!

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